In Step with the Spirit

Have you ever tried to dance with an untrained partner? Or, maybe you were the untrained partner trying to dance a beautiful waltz with the most eloquent, graceful, skilled teacher.

Clumsy, awkward, out of sync, frustrated, embarrassed, determined, and focused on succeeding are the emotions racing through your mind and body. With every step your partner takes or attempts to lead you in, you become aware of who is watching, and the longing to end the dance is magnified.

Finally, the moment arrives, the dance ends, and you sit down exhausted, discouraged, and anxious to leave the room because you fear you’ll have to dance the dance all over again.

Now, imagine yourself dancing in sync: the smooth rhythmic movements of two people gliding around the floor expressing the joy they feel as the music comes alive within their very souls.

No one else exists but each other.

So in tune with one another and with the music, they can read one another’s minds, anticipating one another’s next move. They are one: one with the music as it binds them together as one body.

Finally, the dance ends, and the partners have hardly noticed the music has ended because they are standing poised, in a love relationship, waiting for the next song to begin.

Exhilaration, joy, love, fulfillment, accomplishment, and passion overwhelm their senses. They desire nothing more than to dance to another song. They can’t get enough of the music, nor one another. For it’s during the dance that he who follows senses the warmth and security found in simply following, trusting in the one leading, the one in control.

“God intended that they (people) would seek Him and reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. For in Him, we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said. We are His offspring.” Acts 17:27-28