Anxious? Frustrated? Worried? Fearful?

So many people are telling others what to think, who to believe. And what to say. In turn the world is living with and in more chaos every day.

So the question that comes to mind is how do we stop the noise, the voices, the chaos from invading our homes, our minds, influencing our lives?

We abide. To abide in the Greek means to not become another or different, to be present, one with ... meno. That's understandable, a clear definition, right? But wait, we must ask ..

Who do we remain one with, present, and not becoming another or different from, so the chaos stops?

John 15 (specifically, John 15:5) - a famous passage that we acknowledge, shake our heads in agreement with, and even attempt to live out - gives us the "not so easy answer." We abide in Jesus.

How? By being present with him through the Spirit whom Jesus left as our helper. This is why it's not so easy, if we are being honest with ourselves.

Often, we are confused on who is the Spirit and how does He help us? Or, we are running the race as a sprint and not a marathon, so the speed of the day gets away from us and there's no time to just be "one with Jesus" through the Spirit. Sound familiar?

Here's the deal! We always make time for the urgent things in life. Why not replace the urgent with the important. Nothing's more important than abiding in Him (Jesus). Why? Because He has fruit that sustains our very being, waiting to be experienced and birthed for others to enjoy.

So what's our action step? Being one is to slow down and find time somewhere, somehow, and focus, meditate, on this verse today - "Be still and know I am God!" (Psalm 46:10).

While meditating on it (mentally saying is over and over), breathe it in ... slowly. Exhale it out ... slowly. 20 times. Several times today. Be obedient when the Spirit prompts you to stop by and do this act of "abiding." How do you know the Spirit is prompting you? When the thought to do this act of abiding comes to mind, attribute it to the Spirit reminding you, and respond accordingly.

STOP. Be in the moment. The Spirit is drawing you and teaching you how to abide.

Notice how you feel before you STOP. Anxious? Frustrated? Worried? Fearful?

After taking a few moments to "abide" - be one with Jesus, through the Word (using the meditation and breathing technique above). Do you feel the noise calming? Do you feel clarity of mind? Do you sense the Spirit's presence (John 14:17)?

Sit in this space, abiding in Him, for 5 minutes before moving to your next task.

Try to repeat this process a couple times today, and experience the love, joy, peace, patience, self-control, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and goodness of God. Bearing fruit happens as we abide in Jesus. This fruit with its 9 parts cannot be attained apart from abiding in Him.

Let's talk more ... later!