A Closer Look

the Brave Enough Workbook designed for Groups or Individuals

A Closer Look

So, this is what you can expect. Throughout your 10-lesson, 20-week journey, relationships will strengthen, and hope will be experienced. If you choose to participate in a virtual group, a genuine Christ-like community will be experienced. However, regardless of whether you complete the self-development journey by yourself, with a friend, or within a Virtual Community.

  • “You will leave the 10 lessons with a new understanding of yourself, healing from wounds, lies replaced with truth, as well as self-development tools that will help you continue to grow.”
  • — Mary Armstrong

Here, the 10 lessons are broken down into four sections.



Discover: Why?

“Why do I do the things I don’t want to do and struggle to act the way I wish to act?” This universal question is at the root of the anxiety and stress that overwhelms our everyday life. There are answers!



Identify: My Default Behaviors

You will identify dysfunctional behaviors that have taken root in the deepest parts of your soul that are driving unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and actions. Change is possible!



Overcome: The Spirit is My Source of Strength

You will discover a source of strength you never thought imaginable and you will have a newfound understanding of the Holy Spirit and how He speaks to you. You are not alone on this journey of overcoming!



Experience: Freedom and Blessing

Mental wellness is a process that isn’t easy, but it is worth the Brave Enough to Change self-development journey. “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” You can live with freedom and purpose!

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