The Pivot

Life has such a funny way of taking a quick turn down an unknown path, like the COVID-19 pathway. This pathway, like many others that have surprised us, requires a rapid “pivot.” I actually love this word, “pivot.” It rolls off the tongue and reminds me that there’s a central point that remains the same to keep movement going forward. Additionally, the pivot requires one to turn and go another direction for my spiritual health, but the pivot is the central point. Webster Dictionary defines the word “pivot” as “the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.”

So, this makes me ask the question, “what are the central points in my life that require a rapid pivot to continue moving forward and protect my spiritual health?"

Family is a pivot point. COVID-19 will not diminish the value I place on my family. So, since family is a central point, it requires me to pivot quickly. For example, my birthday celebration still happened, we just wore masks and socially distanced ourselves. Family visits still happen, they just look a little different than before. COVID-19 is still here and we will continue to pivot for spiritual health and because family is a value that requires movement toward loving relationships.

My relationship with God has pivot points. COVID-19, unexpected illnesses, loss of loved ones, my own desires, my ambition, my wandering focus, the list goes on. These are pathways God will use to help me pivot as He draws me closer to Him. My first experience, at the age of 9, I pivoted from living a life apart from Jesus to making Jesus the Lord of my life. At the age of 54, I pivoted from being in bondage to shame and fear to a Brave Enough to Change community where I found freedom, joy, and safety.

There’s been a lot of pivoting between the ages of 9 and today; however, I have found that the central point of God is to know the Father’s love, follow after Jesus Christ, and be led by the Spirit. This allows pivoting to happen when a course correction is necessary for my spiritual health.

Unfortunately, people, in their limited understanding of what it means to “know God” often determine, in their own wisdom and understanding, what the course or pathway to God looks like; but we are not God, and His ways are beyond us. What we do know about God is His love is steadfast. His love is everlasting. His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness never ends. So, when I begin to feel unloved, defeated, overwhelmed, unnoticed, alone, and isolated, I pivot. A course correction that sets me on the pathway of Truth based on the central point of “knowing God!”

So, the question to you is, “What are your pivot points that keep you moving forward; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally?"

With God as my pivot point, I can continue moving forward on the pathway of spiritual health and “knowing Him.” This pathway enriches my life in all these ways and promises me eternity with God and the people I love.