Stolen Identity

Who are we really? Are we the sum of what people see or read about on social media platforms? Are other’s opinions so important that we develop a media image that must be maintained and if our followers were to look beyond this image, would they see someone entirely different; would they see an imposter? Have social media platforms stolen our true identities?

The imposer’s life is all about what others think of us. We ask ourselves questions like, “How can I build a larger following? How do I get more likes on my …? Or, do the comments being left show others I am beautiful, kind, loving, successful? If not, what do I need to do, so they will see me as I wish them to see me?”

So, we focus on creating a “social media” image, and our value becomes based on likes, comments, and followers. These thoughts and passions out of fear of someone seeing the “real us,” drive us to perform, to put on media masks. These masks keep us safe, or so we think. But in reality, they steal our identity and leave us longing for someone to truly see us. Over time, we develop deep unmet needs and, at the same time, create an imposter that takes a lot of time and energy to maintain.

Here’s the most incredible news!

The God of the Universe knew you before you were born. Psalm 139 tells us that you were seen before your mother saw you. God thought of you before your parents thought of you, and His thoughts of you outnumber the grains of sand. Grab a handful of sand and let it slowly filter through your fingers and while it flows, try to count every grain. You simply cannot! Now, remember the God of the Universe has thoughts of you that cannot even be counted.

What might these thoughts be toward you?

Scripture tells us that you are created in the image of God, Imago Dei, and your true identity rests in Him and who He created you to become. So, who are you? What uniquely sets you apart from every other person on this planet. There is something because God says so in His word.

There’s nothing quite like discovering the dreams God has for you based on the person He designed you to become. How do you figure it out?

You work on self-development and find a group of people who will go on the search with you. You dig into a curriculum called Brave Enough to Change and discover what lies have stolen your identity and are driving your need to get more likes, comments, and followers. Eventually, you replace these lies with Truth about yourself and you find the freedom to be true to yourself online and off!

Why is self-development and discovering your true self important? Because the energy it takes to maintain the imposter will eventually take everything you have and leave you with nothing. Rather, God longs to give you everything he has and he will leave you with everything important; your true value manifested in your true identity, Imago Dei!

It’s so worth the journey! Start your self-improvement with a little help from Brave Enough to Change.