Mary Sorg’s Group!

"Impossible Over Zoom!" by Mary Sorg, a Brave Enough Leader

COVID-19 put a halt to meeting in person where we could have human touch, see each person and their body language, hear the clarity of each other’s inflection of tone, and (what I especially loved the best) the fragrant smell of each other as we lingeringly hugged!

“What? No way can Brave Enough to Change be held over Zoom!” is what I at first thought. This thought connects to the faulty beliefs that ask these questions, “How can a person feel safe enough to delve deep into their heart and share the insights the Holy Spirit reveals over Zoom? It’s one thing to share my ugliness and gnarlies in person, so how can anyone be transparent and honest over an impersonal media screen?! Furthermore, isn’t it true that not being able to have a physical touch of care and support makes Zoom Brave Enough to Change impossible?!”

There is no such thing as the “impossible” when God is at the center. God at the center recognizes Jesus’ shed blood and resurrection covers all things, which includes His forgiveness; thus, nothing is impossible for God. Add to this, the abiding and indwelling of the Holy Spirit who comforts, guides, instructs, gives wisdom, and provides insight and, once again, all things become possible!

Leading a Brave Enough Zoom spiritual health group has been an eye-opening involvement and has put to rest my faulty thinking about it being impossible. I have experienced the Holy Spirit leading each person, including myself, into being “okay” to share our very soul, heart, mind, spirit, and being. What I thought would be a sterile environment, not conducive to being able to bond, connect with one another, and experience life-change became quite the opposite!

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, EVEN OVER ZOOM! HERE’S HOW I KNOW. It is one thing to know the lies that make up our faulty belief systems, but it is another to venture into the unknown deeper level of the soul to identify the “lies!” The Holy Spirit helped each of us to identify the lies that kept us chained and in bondage to dysfunctional beliefs and the fear of never being able to break free. Week after week the Spirit revealed nuggets of Truth at a palatable level to chew and reflect upon. Women who were feeling hopeless, discourage, and broken started to blossom and raise their heads to receive God’s warmth of His Truth; “I am God’s child. I am blameless. I am complete in Him.”

What a privilege, over Zoom, to see women able to identify feelings and connect these feelings by identifying how the lies accepted were lived out as truth. Allowing God’s Truth to rewire and renew minds to be transformed and freed from the bond of those lies became epic as I witnessed spiritual health transformations. I felt so blessed — especially on the last night as each person shared their transformation and desire to share with other women how the Spirit led them to the tools used in Brave Enough. The tools were just that, tools; the freedom experienced was the work of the Spirit.

John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me. Jesus answered ‘I am the way and the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me … And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever .. the Spirit of Truth.’”

Yes, indeed, all things are possible with God! Even experiencing life change and maintaining your spiritual health over Zoom through Brave Enough Enough to Change.