Beauty Radiates from Mud

Inspirational, Psalms

The Lotus flower is so beautiful. I’m not sure if its beauty captures you because it grows out of the mud. Or, if its beauty is magnified because it grows amidst the messy, swampy parts of nature. Regardless, I do know this: It reminds me that out of the ugly, messy, and muddy parts of life, beauty has the potential to burst forth. Hope and self-development are found in remembering this beauty. It may not be seen today, or tomorrow, but the promise is waiting. The lover of our soul promises to lift us above the mire of life and capture those around us with His beauty. Our responsibility is to surrender all of ourselves to Him and trust He will keep His promises. We can place our quiet confidence in Him. Trusting He will lift us up, He will give us a firm place to stand, and He will radiate His beauty. Surrender is the seed, obedience and trust nourish it, and God brings forth the beauty.

My God, my Healer, my Creator,

Maker of my body,

Creator of all my days,

I place my trust in you;

finding my quiet confidence.

My God, my Provider, my Father,

You know my every need;

all my passions and my hopes.

Nothing is beyond you,

this is my quiet confidence.

My God, my Sustainer, my Friend,

You give me all my strength,

To confront what lies ahead.

When I’m weak, you are strong.

You are my quiet confidence.

My God, my Victory, my Lord,

You go ahead of me.

All the battles have been won,

and I can rise above!

This is my quiet confidence.

Brave Enough to Change is a community of people dedicated to self-development who are risking change by looking back at the mire and muddy parts of life so they can live free as they rise up to radiate His beauty!